by Rachel 11 November 2011
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    A graceful home with Contemporary Chinese Flair for a traditional, tasteful and well-educated Chinese family.

    The designer created an unpretentious and airy home by using a rather monochrome palette of white, completed by carefully selected furniture and décor, enabling an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere for the three generations.

    Upon entering the living area on teak flooring, a refreshing off-white world is created to present a sense of peacefulness. Under the skylight, supporting the clean and tasteful furniture is a pale grey straw mat, on which, a pair of Chinese Ming-style lounge chairs with white high-gloss finish further enhance the feeling of cultivated refinements of this family. The Chinese-screen-like sliding lattice along a bank of windows and the living and dining area exude a poetic ambience, while a magnificent Chinese landscape painting at the dining area defines the artistic taste of the owner and forms as the backdrop for the simple yet stylish dining table.

    In the master bedroom, with clever use of back-lit lighting, a white oak backdrop inspired by traditional screens exudes an air of elegance. A pair of lantern-like glass chandeliers works together with the white high-gloss lacquer finish antique cabinets further underscores the Chinese flair of the space.

    Echoing with the overall design, white oak timber is largely used in the parents’ room to give a muted palette, while Chinese floral patterns and a splash of orange is added to enrich the visual interests. The daughter's room is in turquoise tone, where the designer made use of peony motifs to reveal the courtly temperament of the young mistress.

    The designer has subtly placed delicate Chinese elements into this apartment with a contemporary design approach, presenting a forethought and graceful lifestyle for the family.

    Hong Kong

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