by Rachel 08 November 2011
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    Sculpturally Executive Decisions.

    Created by world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp, the concept for the Lilanz Headquarters design drew inspiration from the Lilanz fashion brand of menswear.

    One of the largest and most influential menswear retail brands in China, Lilanz shares similar design aspirations as dwp with the common thread of ‘Simple, Yet Sophisticated’, close to the heart of dwp’s own philiosophy. Furthermore, Lilanz’ innovative clothing brand fuses a classic European design style and exquisite production techniques, with the quality of Chinese clothing culture, for a timeless appeal.

    The new HQ design had to be worthy of an international fashion brand, in line with the company’s enhanced forward-thinking globalization strategy. In short, they desired an extraordinarily fabulous work environment. dwp applied the look and feel of the brand converting it to a palette of black, white, silver and concrete. Working on the façade of an existing 60,000sqm office building, the interior design of 10,000sqm of executive office space, and a 2000sqm skybar interior.

    The façade was completed first in June 2011, with a brand new gleaming exterior, which received an extreme makeover. The renovation and transformation of a highly conventional, white ceramic-tiled 1980s building, resulted in a cool, sophisticated and decidedly masculine testament to an environment inside, where art, fashion and design seamlessly fuse, without demolishing the existing façade – a real challenge, especially given the building had to continue operations as usual. Inspired by the Lilanz philosophy ‘Less is Fashion’, only three materials were implemented: tinted glass, aluminum panels and variations of steel - solid, perforated, stainless, mirror-polished and black.


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