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Creative solution for a unique educational programme

by Amy 07 November 2011
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    This project is the first Brazilian nursery developed from a programme specially directed for children aged from zero to 3 years, based on an exclusive educational concept. 

    The focus of the project was to incorporate the specificities of this programme, seeking adequate creative solutions. 

    The priority was to conceive of an abstract, non-stereotypical space with a ludic character that would meet the functional demands of the numerous procedures involved.

    Circulation is achieved through ramps and the use of friendly materials, such as the soft floor and operational ergonometry, which were fundamental for a safe and comfortable environment where the children could readily develop their activities.

    The technical team involved adhered to this same orientation, offering ideal solutions for the best air and water quality, floor heating and balanced lighting.

    The landscaping was equally conceived to guarantee safe interaction among the children.

    In addition to using natural materials, the colours yellow, orange and red were selected to create a stimulating atmosphere.

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