Oled floor lamp

04 Nov 2011

LAMPED is a modular, multi-functional, linear, sustainable, long term lamp. It uses OLED light sources.

LAMPED uses OLED light sources, or organic light emitting diodes, the new lighting technology with intrinsic advantages such as transparency, flexibility, thinness, large luminous surface as well as the less sharp given shades. The lamps' joints and foot are made out of moulded steel while the masks of the OLED tiles of aluminium. Aluminium, as a light and recyclable metal was a perfect choice for this project. This idea has shown, through the process of its' construction, that the best joints are the “ball joints” as the ones found in a human body. The electrical cable passes through the lamps body but the joints are cableless: they function on the + - metal electrical conductivity. Lamp can be dismantled easily: unscrew the joints, the foot can be easily detached from the tiles(jack instead of cable passing through). The joints can move in any direction, so we obtain 8-12 movable OLED tiles by which we create our own lighting ambience as well as the exact definition of luminance and light emitting direction. The tiles as well as the whole lamp could be painted by the RAL specification chosen by the customer or the selling company. Since for a different use we could use more or less tiles, it is a modular type- small floor lamp as shown during the exhibition, tall floor lamp, table lamp, hanging lamp, kitchen element lighting... a lighting system. The light color of 2900K, soft white, and the emittance of 1000cd/m2 are suitable for the book reading in a dark room and also very comfortable to the human eye. The lamp is modular and can be used as wall, table, floor and ceiling lamp depending on the number of modules/tiles used. Every tile is 15cm long, 5cm wide and 0,5cm thick.

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