03 Nov 2011

Henning Larsen Architects invites the public into its confidence through new exhibtion

On Friday 11th November, the exhibition HVIS NU..? (WHAT IF…?) will open at the Utzon Centre in Aalborg. The exhibition offers a view into Henning Larsen Architects and its approach to the many different projects developed through the years.

With projects all over the world - from Sweden and Denmark to Iceland and Saudi Arabia - Henning Larsen Architects are continuously faced with new cultures, landscapes and societies. The context forms the basis of the design, which means that the expression of the buildings depends on the specific location.

”As architects, we engage in dialogue with the surroundings and the potential of the location. For us, the context is more than the piece of land or city surrounding the project”, says architect Louis Becker, Partner and Director, Henning Larsen Architects. “The context is the history, culture and view on the future that define the location. Thus, a concert hall in the city of Reykjavik has a much different appearance from a hospital situated in the Danish countryside.”

In addition to presenting a number of cases from Henning Larsen Architects’ project portfolio, the exhibition provides the framework for a workshop, where students from Aalborg University will develop proposals for the future development of Aalborg.

The exhibition will be displayed at the Utzon Centre between 12th November 2011 and 31st January 2012. Subsequently, the exhibition will travel to other destinations in Europe.

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