All bases covered

01 Nov 2011

A multipurpose building to satisfy all users' needs

Based on the concept of a mixed-use building, SAMARA was conceived to hold corporate offices, a shopping mall and a 5-star hotel. The architectural response to merge the three different uses came in the form of a monolithic and unifying shape that forms part of the intricate urban web in México City, Santa Fe district. The glass skin wraps a straight  volume that extends a perpendicular arm to the main body; this generates the image of a great city stage.

The connection between the two bodies was achieved through an extraordinary connecting bridge and a sky garden that generates the impression of lightness and style. This configuration grants the building incredible panoramic views of the city and allows isolation for the different uses. The base building is the key part for the correct operation of the master plan experience.

SAMARA SHOPS is a two partially buried building that coordinates all the lobbies and public spaces in the building, its 10,000-sq-m roof garden grants the city a grate public space with restaurants, bars and the different lobby spaces for offices and hotel.

SAMARA is designed to house more than 10,000 users daily, this requires large areas of services and over 4,000 parking lot places to meet the demands and generate order inside the building. The arrival experience to the different areas is achieved by convenient pedestrian access, with independent separate driveways for offices, hotel and the shopping centre.

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