A healthy glow

Welcoming oasis provides shade and healing while emulating natural beauty of surroundings

by Amy 31 October 2011
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    The distinct tower is divided into three sections to reduce the impact of the building's scale. The entry court is punctuated by a large vertical sail gracefully bisecting the patient tower. At sunset, the sail is transformed into a colourful icon reminiscent of a night-blooming desert blossom.

    At the base of the sail, the three-storey atrium welcomes patient families with its shaded transparent glass walls. The south façade is transformed by the winged parapet on the eastern end of the roof reaching out boldly to the community. The evening transformation creates a purple glow like a beacon of hope for the children of Phoenix.

    The use of local materials such as colourful, low maintenance masonry was chosen to give the hospital a sense of locality as well as sustainability. To support the hospital's mission of treating the entire family and not just the patient, care has been taken to improve the patient/family journey the moment one steps on campus and experiences the whimsical and lush landscaping, accented by bold colours, playful sculpture and indigenous plant material.

    Positive distractions are created using materials and colours that have soothing qualities. These include colour-changing LED lights, tactile art and Phillips 'Ambient Experience' technology. From the colourful stage of the atrium light wall, to the rooftop play garden, to the intimate dining and meditation gardens linking new and existing construction, every square foot of the campus is utilised to the fullest, promoting good land stewardship.

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