Reuniting a common people...

China hosts Taiwan on neutral ground in new design from HKS

by James 31 October 2011
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    For centuries there has been political conflict between two independent regions – mainland China & Taiwan. Taiwan’s struggle for independence and its desire to be considered its own sovereign country has led to years of political discussion and debate. The Straits Forum Convention Center serves as a platform for staging political discussion between mainland China and Taiwan.

    The Straits Forum Convention Center shall serve as an iconic symbol to the community and region of Xiamen as a gathering place, celebrating the reunion and open communication between mainland China and Taiwan, through progressive architecture rooted in meaningful form.

    The solution is a concept embodied in the simple and pure idea of reuniting two parties in balance with one another. The architectural expression becomes a symbol of invitation and gathering, expressed through a large sweeping roof structure rising upwards in pure visual balance.

    As if with open arms to the east and west, this gesture celebrates the idea of reunion while trying to find peace and purpose through simplicity and balance in architectural form. The idea of reunion is punctuated by a perfect sphere symbolising the full moon over water.


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