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31 Oct 2011

RTKL's design team inspired by the ancient art of weaving

Zhifu Fashion City is poised to become the new centre of China’s fashion industry and a fashion-orientated ‘city-within-a-city’. Located on the outskirts of Shanghai on a former industrial site slated for repurposing and cleanup, the development encompasses live / work studios and a design school that interact with retail spaces and displays, office towers, exhibition halls and an apparel design museum, as well as two hotels, all linked with multiple circulation options.

The project covers more than 1.3 million sq m in gross floor area. As a nod to the ancient art of fabric and clothing design, Zhifu Fashion City is based on the concept of weaving, connecting spaces and people and linking the east and west sides of the 57-acre site.

The heart of the project is the central river park, which creates a green transition between the distinctly different functions and architectural character of the east and west parcels of the site. The multi-layered green roofs, landscaping and pedestrian paths act as the ‘weft’ and the ‘warp’ of the campus fabric, enriching and engaging the patchwork urban environment that surrounds the site.

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