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31 Oct 2011

ZENI arkitekter completes new HQ for ABENA

The new headquarter for ABENA A/S, inaugurated late spring 2010, is located in the southern part of Jutland, Denmark, adjacent to the E45 motorway. The location by the motorway has been an important parameter in the overall design of the building. The facades facing the E45 are deliberately calm and with a regular window rhythm, only interrupted by a few, large architectural elements, so they can be appreciated even when you rush by at 130 km/h.

The building layout is inspired by the letter A, as in ABENA, the two 'legs' join by the motorway towards west and spread out, creating the main entrance to the east. The two legs are joined by two sets of connecting corridors, thereby creating two central, open atriums, providing tranquil outdoor spaces, sheltered from the noise from the E45. ABENA produces sanitary solutions for medical and other public institutions. Therefore the building should signal order and cleanliness, without looking too sterile. To achieve this effect, the facades are clad with zinc. The zinc cladding provides the building with a very clean-cut-look, and since it’s a natural material it will, by time, achieve a great patina.

When you enter the building through its main entrance, you arrive close to the centre of the building, hence minimising the need for long, connecting corridors. This makes it very easy to understand the infrastructure of the building straight away. All workspaces are located at the facades of the building, while the shared facilities like meeting rooms, printer rooms, kitchenettes and toilets are organised around the atriums.

This means that every employee is situated close to a window, eabling them to enjoy the view and comfortable natural lighting. In contrast to the selection of relatively discrete indoor materials, mainly concrete panels and wooden floors, the meeting rooms and stairwells are painted in bright signal colours, creating both decorative elements and easier orientation. The new ABENA headquarters is future proof workspace with focus on natural lighting, excellent acoustic, and environmental friendly solutions.

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