A vision in green

Renovation of university campus building inspired by changing colours of the clover leaf

by Amy 31 October 2011
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    This renovation of a university campus building will set a standard for the transformation of other buildings established in the 60 years of school's history.

    In successfully transforming a women's dormitory into a college of Education building, the architects have emphasised two features in the design process: sustainable architecture and variety of interior spaces. 

    The design concept for the exterior is to restore the landscape of the surrounding natural environment. The architects expect the future campus to be the 'green lung' for the city, so they have decorated a wall on the facade in light green and covered the building with an all-access roof garden.

    Starting from the Chi Chung Building, the green atmosphere will infiltrate through the campus, forming a green network to ease the urban tension of the community. The colours of the building are inspired by the changing shades of the clover leaf; the colour range from brown to green in a yearly cycle is captured in films and placed into the glass exterior.

    Looking from outside, the rhythmic green waves embrace the building and dance with the environment. Each 30 x 150 cm iridescent glass panel is supported by a stainless steel grille fixture and built on the self-supporting steel structure, fading the existence of the building and giving it a refreshing look.

    When light comes through layers of the glass structure and reflects on the building, the vivid and shining symphony of light and shadow create numerous expressions, which best represent the innovative spirit of the Department of Education.

    The energy-efficiency is another key issue in this project. The ventilation is ensured by the design of the glass exterior and roof garden; as the glass wall blocks sunlight and reduces heat, interior space is opened up to allow in the natural wind. The architects expect Chi Chung building to be an effective green architecture that visually melts into the green surroundings and breathes with the nature.

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