Chinese elements

31 Oct 2011

Leigh & Orange designs new complex reflecting Foshan's economic & cultural history

The Guangdong Hong Kong Finance & Technology Park is situated in the Guangdong High Tech Service Zone at Nanhai, Foshan of Guangdong. Foshan, on one hand, is famous for its economic activities and is transforming from its local industries to a more high-tech industrial type, emerging into a more finance orientated city, while on the other hand, the city is also culturally characterised by its famous Ling Nam Water District.

The project is a full exploit of the duality of Technology and Finance in a park setting that formulate a comprehensive mixed use of laboratories, office , retail and residential with exhibition and communal services. Functional organisation is massing and layout determinant, whereas various functions are tied together by the two open landscaped squares – one rational representing the geometry and order of science and technology and the other romantic, reflecting the cultural aspect of the Ling Nam Water District. Building masses are dynamised by the double skyline, allowing a flow of roof line through the whole site.

The project is dominated by its iconic office tower (to resonate the city’s tallest building in the near vicinity), and the two iconic objects – the exhibition block and the metallic auditorium. The project will also display an integration of sustainable features such as double-skin building envelop, external solar shades, photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting system, water landscape feature, etc. with the target of achieving LEED certification and to embody the spirit and culture of the 21st century laboratory.

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