Dual the exposure, twice the brilliance

31 Oct 2011

A holistic expression of upmarket retailing akin to a glittering gem

At the heart of Orchard Road lies Paragon, a high-end retail mall that resonates with the luxury niche of Singapore’s consumer market. Home to numerous international luxury brands, it is the destination of choice for both Singapore’s elite and their foreign tourist counterparts.

To accommodate such an exclusive demographic, Paragon’s upmarket tenants favoured an impressive frontage, unwilling to relinquish ground floor exposure for larger spaces on higher floors. Hence, with acute shortage of ground level frontage and to appease their resistance against moving to higher floors, new shop fascias were designed exclusively for each luxury brand, with magnificent Orchard Road frontage on a much grander scale than before.

The plan also dovetailed neatly with the façade enhancement scheme laid down by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) - the governmental urban planning body – that encourages new and unique building facades to enliven the Orchard Road shopping experience. Realising these aims, the existing stone façade was re-clad in layers of aluminium panels and fritted glass to form an elegant backdrop.

Drawing inspiration from the meaning of 'Paragon', the base façade was designed to resemble a multi-faceted diamond. The new façade articulation consequently comprises three main glass cubes, which serve as multi-volume spaces that effectively address the spatial needs of the high-end retailers. In contrast to the angular cubes, a curved glass façade soars forward, drawing all eyes towards the mall’s main entrance; the juxtaposition of the gossamer net against the solid brute stone of the building transforms the entrance into a head-turning focal point that attracts people and entices them into the wonders within.

Not only did the façade articulation presents a creative solution to the spatial conflict, it also maintained its leading position in fashion and luxury, while improving the flow within the urban framework, thereby making the Orchard Road shopping experience infinitely superior.

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