A unilateral vision

31 Oct 2011

'Project Our Space' concept transforms a workplace into a new inspirational environment

‘Project Our Space’ encompassed the design of a 145,000 sq ft office in Maple Tree Business City was the result of an extensive design and change management process that materialised a new alternate workplace that ushered in a new era for the company and corporate interior space in Singapore. Informed by an extensive process of strategic workplace analyses, exploration and design workshops with both the client and workplace strategists, the design aligns with Unilever’s mission of adding vitality to life, while building a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture centred around activity-based working.

The design not only transformed the business into a new inspirational environment, but a transformation of the company’s culture in Singapore. The concept exhumes Unilever as a global powerhouse yet design elements of human touch and scale, captures the personal and domestic nature of their end product at the same time. Spread across 6 storeys, the ‘Heart’ was the glue that connected the people, all working as one regional business. An extensive and complex stair and void space was cut through the entire office, connecting the people and reinforcing the concept ‘One Unilever’.

Also, as one of the first Platinum Green Mark certified offices in Singapore, the project represents the results of many aspirations aligning in one design: the goals of the clients business, the sustainability of the environment, the forward thinking direction of workplace strategies, the exploration of design and the aspirations of each Unilever employee.

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