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28 Oct 2011

Siemens' new HQ makes a public gesture to its surroundings

The new headquarters for Siemens is built around creating public access, promoting a new corporate architecture that is both open and inviting. The headquarters is composition of plazas, courtyards and alleys that create a vibrant urban space in central Munich. The complex consists of six rectangular, rounded volumes attached to a central vertical structure that unifies the entire building complex. This structure generates a series of varied courtyards that accommodate a continuous flow of guests and passers-by, engaging the buildings in close dialogue with the city through the interwoven public spaces.

On the inside, the central 'Interaction Zone' connects the office spaces, facilitating communication, interaction and innovation, key concepts from the competition brief. The atrium is at the heart of the building and accessible from all sides, while the office levels are connected by bridges, creating a continuous floor stretching through the entire building complex. The top floor is well-suited for public events such as art exhibitions allowing visitors to enjoy the skyline of the city while exploring the open spaces. Siemens' new headquarters also stands out as a leading project for sustainable design in an urban context.

The objective of the project is to exceed today's standards for green building such as DGNB Gold and LEED Platinum. State-of-the-art technologies produced by Siemens are incorporated into the design to ensure an optimal lifelong performance. Many aspects contribute to the sustainability of the complex from the organization of the office spaces and the selection of sustainable materials to the slightly sloping facades that provide ample daylight and an open, healthy working environment.

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