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The Greens

Old factory buildings given new life for Shenzen's 26th Summer Universiade

by Amy 28 October 2011
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    Universiade Culture Park is a renovation project to transform a group of old factory buildings into a recreation centre for the 26th Summer Universiade 2011 in Shenzhen, China.

    Shenzhen is China's first Special Economic Zone with only a 30-year history. Since it is a city of immigrants with diverse cultures, it becomes the youngest and most vital metropolitan in modern China. The site, as part of the Universiade Green Park, is right beside the main stadium of Universiade Centre in suburban Longgang District and opposite the Universiade Village.

    The buildings also act as a gateway from downtown Shenzhen to the Universiade Centre. All facades are united with 600mm-wide modular green strips. Green colours are inspired by the theme colour of Universiade 2011, which upholds the core value of the Universiade to promote Shenzhen's youthfulness, creativity and harmony between man and nature.

    Three green colours with various tones are selected carefully and arranged from dark to light vertically throughout all facades in order to merge into the surrounding green park. Bright orange and white squares are scattered around the greens, symbolising one of the most popular local flowers, Pyrostegiaignea.

    The renovated buildings, already well known as 'The Greens' by local residents, have become the landmark of Longgang district with their unique and dynamic colours.

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