From fabric to facade

28 Oct 2011

Urban business hotel designed in line with fashion's classic colours

In fashion, colours of the fabric contribute to the success of designers' runway collection. Colours are carefully selected for the appropriateness of the collection for each season and time; often black, brown and gold are used to emphasize a timeless and classic piece of work. Grand Park Orchard, rebranded as a Fashion Hotel as part of the design brief and concept, draws inspiration from fashionable colours.

The entire design is wrapped in colours of brown, black and gold. The selected palette of colours brings out the modernity of the urban business hotel and the luxurious lifestyle associated with the lofty flagship retail boutiques. In the day, the façade reveals a spectrum of brown tones with white herringbone lines, akin to a bespoke tailored day suit. Duo layers of frosted glass panels of different herringbone patterns are juxtaposed to create varying translucencies of white.

When viewed at different angles and in different lights, the hotel intrigues pedestrians along Singapore's prime shopping belt of Orchard Road with its ever-changing appearance. At nightfall, Grand Park Orchard transforms into a mystical black cube with golden herringbone lines, creating an atmosphere of glamour and style.

These 'golden twills' utilise the latest energy-efficient LED technology where micro LED bulbs are embedded within the façade double glazed unit. Cool to warm yellow lights are orchestrated rhythmically to give the façade an appearance of molten gold cascading downward onto the street of Singapore's renowned shopping boulevard. At dusk, a 10-minute animated display of rainbow spectrums light up the urban junction with sparkle and glitz, creating a strong sense of place and a prominent identity for the hotel.

Hotel guestroom experience is also enhanced with the myriad colours programmed to soothing rhythms. Colour now plays a dual role: an outward exhibition of architectural expression and an inward expression of ambience.

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