Opening up a world of new opportunities

27 Oct 2011

Asustainable future for business in an ever-changing mobile world

BizBox™ was designed and created with a few simple criteria that are reflective of today’s world and economy; innovation, simplicity, sustainability, form and a clear focus on function. BizBox literally opens up a new world of opportunities for business all over the world. Due to its adaptability and versatility in design and concept it can be used in almost any commercial application from Healthcare to Retail to Education to Hospitality.

The integral design of the building is firmly founded upon green building principles; the use of natural daylight, high R Value insulation, low energy components and renewable resources create a mobile building that is responsibly green, reducing energy consumption and costs. The solar panels (that angle to the sun) produce up to 1000 watts of energy per day and the batteries store up to 5 days of power, which allows you to run all the LED lights, LED TV’s, computers and much more for days without a recharge, making it sustainable.

Due to the simplicity and ease of operation, which is afforded from complex engineering, BizBox transforms in no more than 15 minutes from a mobile 'branded box' into a state of the art building, allowing the user to be in the right location at the right time, with the right facility. Designed upon the core principles of form and function BizBox draws inspiration from nature – just like a Seagull spreads and folds its large wingspan with effortlessness, BizBox expands and contracts in much the same way, bringing that element of surprise.

We live in an ever-changing 'mobile world' and just like human beings, buildings need to evolve and adapt to the surroundings we are presented with. BizBox pushes the boundaries of building design and changes the way we think about interacting with each other.

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