As the result of an invited competition, during the spring of 2010 Lecarolimited was commissioned to remodel the penthouse of a German apartment building, spread over two floors, situated beside an inner-city football ground, on a small but active street in the middle of a large gallery district.

"Identifying the existing situation - large apartment, warren of partitions and closed rooms Lecarolimited proposed a unitary object which, not boxing-off, simply shapes and shelters each different activity. This principle ambition was developed into a new surface logic which, became the lounge, bar and kitchen. We tested various options and settled on a ‘mirror-belt'.

We constructed the new interior surfaces on site. Constructed by our carpenter as wooden substrate, they are finished for the ‘mirror-belt' using a custom painted bespoke glass. The unique character of this material ultimately defrayed the intensity of a standard mirror, each piece arriving in small and non-uniform panels. Our carpenter worked with the master pattern, which was adapted, as much as the fragile individual glass pieces would allow. Each piece was split by hand, one by one to fit its own space.

Main living and bedrooms share the language of this new super-surface, while a new darkened corridor leads to the separate child-like, colourful spaces for the guests.

The dining table was specifically developed for this apartment. The table has multiple configurations, either as a six-meter-long dining table or four smaller tressles, this flexibility, allows the room to be used for intimate dining or entertaining".

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