New development, two single-occupancy detached houses, Wingert, Oberweningen ZH, Switzerland 2011

Despite the small area of land, two single-occupancy detached houses have been developed in a countryside setting. Basic detached houses have been sculpturally split to blend into the surrounding area. An elaborately-devised subdivision arranges the rooms in a split-level system and allows the hillside characteristics to also be experienced in the building itself.

While the inner walls are smoothly plastered, the exposed concrete outer walls, the black polished and jointless floor and large window fronts and elaborate skylights add to cool technical results.

The materialization of the facade and the roof are conspicuous. Together with the artist Thomas Sonderegger, L3P Architects experimented with a surface of galvanised steel. They were able to fabricate a sheet with a unique and vital expression which was deployed for the first time on the façade and roof area. The design added to a monolithic overall picture in which an association to a sculpturer's work was given once again.

"The materialisation of the façade and roof add to the monolithic overall picture and allows constant pauses for a moment. When one takes a moment, one realises: something is responding and developing a plurality from itself. Something new is forming from the etching. It is growing. It lives.

It is this which constitutes the unique expression of the façade - an alchemical-generated and self-generating work from Thomas Sonderegger, and so, an artistic bow to vitality."

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