Paint the town red

Shopping centre in St. Petersburg

by Amy 21 October 2011
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    This building site is positioned on a Propylea-like formation at the entrance to the city via the Murmansk highway, set down in the Soviet era.

    The buildings of the new complex form a single ensemble together with the Volodarsky Bridge and the heroic formal square. The complex consists of two similar buildings of a bright red colour, located symmetrically, one opposite the other.

    The first part is an 1,800 sq m site located in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg, along house number 5, Narodnaya Street, by the descent from Volodarsky Bridge. The building has four floors and is rectangular in shape, with its main entrance on Narodnaya Street.

    Technical, storage and utility rooms are collected in the opposite building. Necessary technical zones are located on the basement, ground floor and roof. A grocery store is also located on the ground floor, while the second floor houses an electrical goods shop.

    The basement and second floor have small shops selling manufactured goods, located along 'shopping streets'. The shop zones are divided by translucent glass partitions. Evacuation from the building is designed to take place through the landings located at the four corners of the building, which have direct exits leading outside.

    The figurative facade solutions are a variation on the bar code for goods. The facades are composed of alternating vertical slits with glass infilling (window construction with dark grey tinted glass) and bland areas of outer wall. The outer walls are mounted over a metal carcass, with insulation and red metal cladding with grooved vertical joints.

    Project team: Dmitry A. Melentyev (project architect), Sergey V. Padalko (studio director), Oleg A. Kosenko (architect), With the participation of: Vinogradov A.A., Smolin N.A., Kralin V.A. Structural engineers: Zhigaletov A.N., Kychina N.F. Engineers: 7+11 Company and OIS Ltd. Construction company: BSK-PGS


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