Building on the dock of the bay...

19 Oct 2011

One-of-a-kind recreational and leisure development aims to invigorate Philippine investment hub

The site, a 17,000 sq m wharf previously used as a naval training facility and as a dock for cargo ships, has been outlined as a possible area for tourism development. The design presents a split-level development, with majority of the facilities located on an upper deck (the Platform), and parking facilities located on the lower covered deck. A main axis running southwest to northeast (the Link) bisects the site and acts as a spine which all facilities can be accessed, undulating in level being flanked by tiered seating and landscaping providing attractive and useable spaces.

Private facilities are located to the southeast corner at Platform level. The pool and smaller multi-purpose building are located in the northeast corner at the edge of the Platform, allowing views out to sea and privacy or separation of functions. Open sports courts are located at the north on the lower level apron. Public facilities are located on the west side of The Wharf, at both sides of the Link. To the south of the Link are retail outlets, serviced apartments and a tourist information point. A large food retail complex is located at the north of the Link. To the north of the main food retail complex on the lower level there are buildings that house a museum, dive shop / training facility, food outlets and an events area.

External spaces are also created for various public usages. Located to the east is the sanctuary which includes the chapel. This area offers a quieter location that can be utilised for events such as weddings. The Wharf’s apron on the west and central areas remains open and clear, so The Wharf can be utilised as a cruise liner destination. Parking and services for both the private facilities and public facilities are located on the lower deck.

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