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18 Oct 2011

SOM wins Nanjing Waterfront Redevelopment design competition

SOM has won a competition to redevelop the long-forgotten waterfront area of the historic Chinese city of Najing. SOM’s concept master plan, which was selected by Beijing, based MCC Real Estate Co. LTD, envisions a multi-district development on the Yangtze Riverfront that will include new neighbourhoods, shopping districts and corporate skyscrapers. It is hoped that the development will forge a striking new identity for Nanjing and create a world-class mixed-use cityscape for its people.

The first phase of the ambitious project will be to develop a compact and walkable riverfront, which will include revitalising the Dama Road and Tianbaoli area and establishing a new framework of well-scaled streets, urban development blocks, tree-lined streetscape and public plazas. Under the plan, the Dama Road District will be the new hub of New Nanjing’s nightlife, and its renovated colonial era buildings will be repurposed as galleries and boutique retail.

Commenting on SOM’s selection, the chairman of MCC Real Estate, Hou Baoxu said: “The competition presented many good ideas from all the firms. In addition to their exciting concepts, we chose SOM because of its history of getting large and complex projects like Nanjing Xiaguan built.”

Chicago-based and Shanghai-based SOM urban planners have already begun work on the next round of detailed master planning, and they have started meeting with various Nanjing City government agencies to build a collaborative relationship that will get Phase One construction started quickly and the massive transformation project completed.

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