A virtual hotel with a physical counterpart

17 Oct 2011

WATG envisions the hotel of the future using social networking as its core

Most people tend to gravitate towards those with who they have something in common. People select to interact with other people, based on their social profiles, likes, tastes and interests. CONNECT•INN has a network of social spaces that cater to the interests of different social groups. CONNECT•INN is not a top-down, predefined, predetermined hotel model; rather, it is a hotel that is defined and designed by its members. As participants in the virtual model of this new hotel individuals become a creative and powerful group, bringing to life the hotel that suits their desires.

CONNECT•INN creates a bridge between the virtual environment and the physical building by tying the design, organisation and amenities of a property to an online living social network. Members have the opportunity to drive the user experience by contributing their personal skills and passions to the online community as well as the physical hotel, creating new tasting menus for a restaurant, offering to teach a yoga class, or organising a concert or performance through the virtual network of members are just a few of the ways to become involved in the experiential design.

The key for translating the virtual ideas into reality is the selection process - all ideas and designs are reviewed, rated and voted on by the virtual community and successful ideas or designs make it into the real hotel. CONNECT•INN is a 'free' hotel for its members. Members earn credits through active involvement and contributions to CONNECT•INN’s many online forums and blogs; submitting designs, writing reviews, winning contests and playing games; they can also organise events and host or lead various hotel programs such as a morning yoga class. Members spend their earned credits, to stay for 'free' in the real hotel.

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