The Rainbow School

School addresses needs of community and inspires creativity in students

by Amy 14 October 2011
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    South Region Elementary School Number 2 (SRES 2) is an oasis of colour in a neglected neighbourhood. It is a catalyst for neighbourhood revitalisation and a notable piece of civic architecture in South Los Angeles.

    The school provides a highly functional, dynamic environment that addresses the needs of the surrounding community while inspiring creativity in its students. The design team collaborated closely with Los Angeles Unified School District to design a stunning piece of architecture that also serves as a 21st century learning environment. Designers
    held community outreach meetings to gather community and stakeholder input regarding the new school's direction. In response to the community's request to represent diversity, the school boasts hues of blue, red, green and orange on the exterior to reflect the surrounding multi-cultural neighbourhood.

    Community residents have nicknamed SRES 2 'The Rainbow School.' The use of bold colours creates excitement and inspires students to learn in a fun atmosphere. Vibrant plaster on the facades is a creative, cost-effective design solution that meets the district's aggressive budget.

    SRES 2's design meets the requirements for Collaborative for High
    Performance Schools (CHPS) Certification, whose mission is to promote schools that are energy and resource-efficient, comfortable, well lit and contain amenities for a quality education.

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