The fun‐loving, vibrant local ‘pub' revolves around the flying brewery, a custom designed and built, two‐tier Australian craft brewery for brewing special in‐house flavoured beers.

With the craft brewery providing a visual backdrop to the bar, the flow through the space passes semi‐private tables with self‐service beer taps. Huge vats make up a portion of the venue, giving an interesting look and reinforcing the home‐brewed feel of the place.

A feat of engineering and design combined in this entirely unique centre point create the pivotal anchor of the whole 200,000sq meter hotel development. The Brew's collection of contemporary finishes mixed with rustically reclaimed timber elements creates its relaxed personality. 

Fresh white Corian interjects into oversize timber logs to form tables, backlit beer bottles stacked within carefully shaped logs to create decorative wall displays and polished Australian coins set into resin prove to be an eye‐catching feature floor finish.

The BREW is the first craft brewery in a 5‐star hotel group. The boutique brewery is designed with product in mind. Serving as a gathering point for a 200,000 square meter hospitality development, the focus is on process, where patrons are interactively encouraged to taste all of the BREW's delights.

The BREW has launched 6 new beers and one cider into the market to compete with the big brands. Since opening in January 2011, the BREW's beers have won 2 awards within Asia, Including the gold medal at the Asia Beer Awards.

Stickman Design pride themselves on detail and in doing so, they custom design many of the highlights from lighting to wall finishes and fixtures.

In order to retain the concept throughout, Stickman Design were involved with the design of all commercial strategy items including plate, mug and beer glass design, uniform design, menu design and packaging design which includes the beer bottle labels and caps.

Custom designed features include a specially designed chandelier that doubles as a pint glass rack. Three tiers of glasses refract and reflect light around the space creating fractured ambient light best suited to the venue.

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