A crystal for Ningxia

12 Oct 2011

Modern office for corporate company inspired by Polycrystalline minerals shows resilience in a tough environment

GUODIAN Ningxia Solar Co. Ltd Office Building is located in Shizuishan, Ningxia Province. Polycrystalline silicon is GUODIAN's key product, so they wanted the design to feature its high-tech image. Therefore, the architects' goal was to treat the corporate image and meet the needs of the office.

The architectural design was explored with the need for architectural and interior space and the shape as its starting points. Considering corporate features and combining the shape of Polycrystalline minerals with a modern aesthetic, the architects have created a unique architectural space experience. The efficient solar energy technology also introduces an 'eco-architecture' concept into design.

In the dry and dusty climate of Ningxia, anti-corrosion of wind or sand is the main concern. The façade was made of a series of galvanized corrugated plates of different colour and shape, also rendering a very strong impact of modernity. The red and white façade makes this building the landmark of the area, while the colourful metallic fabric also reflects the high-tech features of a modern corporation. 

Because the exterior space in Ningxia area is not suitable for people to stay for hours on end, the architects applied green methods to penetrate different plants into the interior. By expanding the interior space and by means of a greenhouse effect, they have created a comfortable interior environment that diminishes the need for people to stay outside.

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