by Rachel 10 October 2011
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    Located in downtown Toronto, the new Miracle 10 Cosmetics Boutique is a high-end retail environment designed to showcase the Miracle 10 line, developed by the Plastic Surgery Clinic.

    The interior design features clean, architectural lines, innovative use of lighting against crisp white walls, giving a dramatic impression of surgical precision combined with an understated elegance. The metallic latticework of Bertoia barstools wrapped in pearl-white, iridescent fabric, set against Nordic Grey dark polished marble floors, adds a finishing touch of luxury to complete the ambience of a modern retail space. Fresh floral bouquets, strategically placed Relax chairs wrapped in grey alpaca herringbone, and modern technology complete the design.

    Working within a modest 600 sf floorplate, it was crucial to economise on space with rigorous planning and innovative storage solutions. The entire back wall - from floor to ceiling - is used for product display, advertising and surplus storage. Bespoke cylindrical display cases were designed to showcase products of varying heights, colours, and angles throughout the space. The curvilinear millwork also serves to soften the narrow, linear space and allows for ease of navigation.

    In its configuration and layout, the space has been designed with a view to maximising client convenience and comfort. Backlit lightboxes have been installed for interchangeable marketing displays, while frosted-glass globe fixtures canopy the product display creating an air of warmth and intimacy. Continuous LED lighting at the floor base creates visual interest and additional warmth to the space.

    The Miracle 10 brand is built on three core values: Innovation, Quality, and Efficacy. The boutique reflects these core values in its meticulously planned and executed design. Eschewing a "tried and true" design solution, the team selected the highest quality of finishes, furnishings, lighting and materials to distinguish the Miracle 10 boutique in the crowded retail market, thus elevating the brand.


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