10 Oct 2011

New cafeteria Rog is located on Petkovškovo nabrežje (near river Ljubljanica) in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

The new cafeteria is within an old building with vaulted ceiling, arched windows and a beautiful view on the river Ljubljanica. The owners wanted a cafeteria which would be open until the evening offering good coffee and a nice atmosphere for people living in the city as well as for those who come to Ljubljana as visitors.

The goal was to make a typical cafeteria ambient, but in a contemporary way. The interior design preserves the memory of the former Rog factory (nearby), which produced bicycles for many years. Abstract wall art with bicycle graphics and a back wall that talks about the history of the area references the factory. 

In the restaurant dark and bright tones are used. Light wood was chosen for the seats, cupboards and benches and  dark for the leather. Walls and the floor are paved in sextagonal ceramic tiles with subtile 3d ornament. A special accent is the presence of copper extended ceiling lights above the tables referncing the traditional copper pot for making coffee.

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