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07 Oct 2011

Gonzalo Mardones completes new showroom for Miele

Chosen by Miele for this architecture competition, the site is a residential neighbourhood with residences in low, medium and high density, surrounded by parks and squares. Nueva Costanera Avenue is an important commercial and cultural street full of art galleries, restaurants, banks and shops. The architects' proposal is a building that opens to the corner (the most public place) in a play of concrete façades and inclined crystals.

This façade permits light and the transparency of the building creates a large display window for the street, visible to both people and vehicles. The interior result of the idea permits the connectivity of all the levels. the internal spaces are architectonic labyrinth-like paths that even penetrating the underground level, creating unique possibilities for light and natural ventilation.

The building preserves Miele’s characteristic innovating and sophisticated spirit. It is an exhibiting space focused on the experience and philosophy of the client. It highlights and values products in a space that promotes its own surroundings, respecting the environment through efficient architectural solutions without using overestimated technologies.

The architectural proposal is based on the fifth façade (Le Corbusier - roof), sixth façade (open sky underground level), and seventh façade (architectural party walls), which are characteristic features of the architects' works. This building enhances Miele’s image and its products, presenting an architectural layout façade like a kitchen shelf, where each niche is, in theory, a device. Using Miele's corporate colour, the Gallery presents its hallways like a big red strip that runs through the interior space and appears again on the front showing the brand.

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