Jurlique is a botanical skin care brand, which originated on a beautiful biodynamic farm in the hills of Mount Barker, South Australia in 1985.

After it was acquired by an international consortium, Landini Associates was commissioned to create an International Brand Strategy, new brand Identity, Retail Concept and supporting design system incorporating packaging and merchandising systems.

Building on this heritage, our vision in developing the unique Jurlique ritual and experience was to "bring the farm to the customer".

On the basis of the new Beauty from Life, Beauty from Energy and Beauty from Beauty Brand Platform, the new retail environment captures the essence of the source of Jurlique - the herb farm and the greenhouse.

A mix of natural, elemental and often raw materials, such as recycled timber, textured glass and concrete, creates a warm and inviting environment and encourages customers to dwell and discover the Jurlique brand.

A large central table encourages customers to sit and experiment with products, to feel and smell live and dried herbs, to read books and interact with staff. Large videos images fill the rear wall of the store providing the "window to the farm", echoed by the fresh botanical images on the new packaging.

The new retail concept, packaging and merchandising systems are still being rolled out internationally and have built the brand exponentially.

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