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04 Oct 2011

A modular and portable hospitality solution

The Mosaic PATHWAY system by WATG provides the ultimate hospitality solution for multiple environments and locations. PATHWAY (Portable Adaptable Temporary Hotel with Alternative You-ses) allows governments, developers, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, private organisations, and charitable aid societies the opportunity to create, design, develop and implement innovative new hospitality, vacation, housing, emergency shelter, and support structures that are functional, beautiful, simple and adaptable to numerous situations in almost any geography.

The organic, geometrically shaped Prisms of the PATHWAY system are collapsible for ease in transportation; they are pre-fitted with built-in furnishings and fixtures; and they come with self-contained energy, plumbing and lighting systems.

Prisms are based on a modular assembly system constructed from a highly durable, scratch- and stain-resistant recycled material. Standard structural and mechanical systems and enclosing skin can be shipped from manufacturers locally or around the world, depending on drop zone and application. Each prism easily retracts and folds to a rectangular shape, which is easily stackable and packs tightly for shipping.

Contained within the folded structure are most, if not all, of the interior furnishings. All internal elements are unpacked within the structure and can snap easily into the appropriate space. An infrastructure hub has been developed to support large installations of a Mosaic PATHWAY application in areas where the necessary infrastructure does not already exist. It includes systems such as a reverse osmosis, geothermal heat pumps, and a methane digester.

Based on the PATHWAY framework and a few basic core elements, infinite possibilities exist in either private or commercial applications. From basic needs to high-end luxury experiences, Prisms can be custom appointed and configured to most any level of need and/or desire – from basic to high-end. Operational branding of complete solutions or participation in the accessory marketplace provide opportunities at many levels for new products within the Mosaic family.

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