Seventy-Seven is the flagship and first retail store for Kimberley Newport-Mimran's clothing brand Pink Tartan.

The store is positioned as a lifestyle retail shop carrying not only Mimran's designs but lifestyle items personally selected by the designer for the home. Located on Yorkville Ave slightly off the beaten track of Bloor Street's strip of luxury retail shops, the historic building created the perfect backdrop for this new venture, giving it the feel of a long established retail brand.

The architecture has a fascinating history as one of the oldest structures still in tact from Toronto's landscape as well as being the onetime home of the local Sheriff complete with a detainment cell. The Old World Georgian townhouse dating back to 1926 is listed as a historic site and as such restricted the designers from making any changes or upgrades to the exterior. The interior retail space is sectioned into 4 principle salons.

The large space is carved out using custom drywall partitions to create these distinct sections. A unique approach to fixturing was taken where floor units are used instead of wall hanging systems. The custom floor fixtures allow flexibility for visual merchandising and create a personal feel that gives the customer the sense of walking into the clothing designer's studio instead of a typical retail environment. The blank walls provide the perfect backdrop to the many art pieces, paintings and photographs that are displayed from Mimran's personal collection.

The interior boasts many new features including new wood flooring with a beautiful herringbone pattern and custom carpeting. The furniture is a combination of custom pieces and found accessories which help create a classic-modern design sensibility. The goal was to create an environment that was void of trend and felt both timeless and established yet youthful in its approach.

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