Blainey North were commissioned to create a new Sydney city Salon for Renya Xydis, Australia's doyenne of hair. The stylists of this salon were cutting for the international catwalk and needed a space to match. 

Thus, the design of the salon explored the relationship and fusion between interiors and fashion, taking the refined elements from haute couture, dissecting them and tailoring the interior in a similar way.

We were inspired by John Galliano's Spring Couture collection which combined traditional Asian detailing with French tailoring. We wanted to dissect the way a couture garment was conceived & constructed and translate that into a physical space. Like a bespoke gown every part of the salon is crafted by hand from all corners of the globe. From the hand embroidered and painted walls from France, to the hand made lighting from Africa and yes, hand made handles from Sydney.

Despite its intricately detailed interior the salon is built to last with all the finery sheathed in a layer of glass and metal. 

Renya Xydis City - tailored for the Catwalk.

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