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Thursday 29 Sep 2011

Topotek 1 build one of the largest sports facilities in Zurich, using a variety of green tones

The Heerenschürli sports facility, one of the largest in Zurich, is located between a nature reserve, a highway crossing, residential housing and large-scale industrial buildings. It was thoroughly restructured to cater the changing and expanding demands of sports and leisure activities.

Within the extremely popular 17 hectares sporting world, three buildings are integrated: an ice-rink, a workshop and the new locker-room building. Through the new urban composition, a central square is established. It forms the spatial and functional centrepiece of new Heerenschürli, where now twelve soccer fields and Switzerland´s first regular baseball-field are combined.

The playing fields are all surrounded by high fences, giving the sports arena its architectural status and urban poignancy. The fences form diverse spatial sequences mediated along a simple path layout. The determinant connecting function of the orthogonal path axes is interwoven with the sensuality of sport and connected with the spatial and functional core of the complex over a series of rows of trees, avenues and accent-setting groves. The overlapping transparency of the fences creates a unique visual dynamism which is further amplified by the materials used in their construction: the two-ply, wire-mesh walls in various green tones produce a moiré effect which makes the overlapping of the various spatial layers to become a part of the mise-en-scene of the relationship between athletes and spectators.

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