Off piste design in Bålsta

Friday 23 Sep 2011

Advanced indoor ski centre in Sweden revealed by C. F. Moller's local branch

Sitting snugly behind France and Italy on a list of top ski holiday destinations, Sweden is widely known for its powdery soft flakes and challenging pistes, however recently reduced snowfall has begun to threaten the country’s stronghold on the vacation market.

Berg Arkitektkontor – the Swedish branch of C. F. Moller Architects – has devised an ambitious solution to this very real problem with 70,000 sq m concepts for one of the world’s largest indoor ski resorts. With a cost of 1.5-2bn Swedish Kroner, Skipark 360° encompasses a 3.5km cross-country skiing tunnel, a biathlon area, ice hockey and figure skating rinks, and a snow park for snowboarders.

The main attraction will be a 700m downhill slope for use by professional and amateur enthusiasts, offering year-round entertainment and opportunities for athletes to train without interruption. With a drop of 160m, this stunning feat of engineering will be the only indoor ski slope in the world to meet the requirements for hosting the World Cup. The sporting facilities are supported by restaurants, shops, a spa and hotel, and conference facilities.

Completely self sufficient in terms of energy usage, the building will generate the necessary resources from renewable sources including geothermal heating, solar power, wind power and hydropower. Construction – headed by NCC – is due to commence in 2013/2014 and will complete within two years.

Located approximately 45 minutes outside Stockholm in the picturesque town of Bålsta, the sporting facility makes for a striking silhouette on the tree-rich landscape. Rising through seven slanted pillars the clean lines and heavily tilted structure contrasts dramatically with the wild forestry on either side, offering stunning panoramic views to the building’s users.

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