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Wednesday 07 Sep 2011

New 'world-class' urban space for Copenhagen

Freely quoting a review from Danish national newspaper Politikken, Ofelia Beach is said to be; "a state-of-the-art world-class urban space that leaves New York and Berlin behind." Ofelia Beach is about inclusiveness and accessibility, it's about creating the frames for cultural activity and recreational leisure. It's a small refuge surrounded by water and monumental buildings making for a magical atmosphere. Situated just a 5 minute walk from the Copenhagen central shopping street, right in front of the Royal Play House and with a view of the Opera House - Ofelia Beach is a public recreational area placed in the very centre of cultural Copenhagen, completed in June 2011.

The most significant part of the layout is the large wooden structure, designed by architect Lise Kassow in collaboration with architects Midtgaard and Kjærgaard, that bridges the space between the two outdoor stage areas. The tactility and patterns of the timber reproduce the ridges and ripples of sand dunes shaped by the shift in wind and sun patterns throughout the day. The repetition of two kinds of modules, wood in standard measures and the gentle slopes and varying levels (30-60-90 cm) amplify the flexibility of usage, while keeping costs at bay.

At night the structure is lit up from underneath which highlights the dynamic pattern of the wooden decks. The maritime design and the lantern-inspired lighting makes it a sophisticated evening hang-out as well as a daytime urban hotspot. The area is perfect for chilled relaxing and entertainment - a venue for diverse activities such as Tango practice, concerts, plays, summer cinema, exhibitions and design events. All in all Ofelia Beach is a premium public space with a multitude of functions, people, fine views and a fresh sea breeze.

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