Monday 05 Sep 2011

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill - Robert Forest, AIA, OAA, RIBA, LEED AP, Partner

We at AS+GG are finding that business in 2011 is better than in 2010 and picking up. We are seeing more inquires and the trend is increasing. This is welcome news and we are hoping this continues at a steady measured pace, ensuring sound design, construction, and economic decisions by our clients. Looking ahead, AS+GG is expecting opportunities in 2012 to increase slightly but not significantly. We hold more hope for 2013.

We have seen a shift globally from 2010 master-planning and feasibility inquires to actual building projects. Saudi Arabia, China and Asia in general are providing the most work for us and there seems to be an increase in landmark, iconic projects. I believe this is due to the fact that globally there is a better feeling of stability in the global economy, giving our clients increased confidence that long-term construction projects will succeed. Smart developers are also now trying to get into the market before it completely rebounds and takes off so that their product is available when the economy recovers. Timing is everything, and constructing in the depressed ‘trough’ of the economy to capitalize on the ‘crest of recovery’ is a sound business decision.

That being said, we are finding the U.S. market is lagging behind and very depressed for us. We foresee this continuing for the next couple of years. On the other hand, we generally foresee an increase in opportunities for projects with high sustainable goals.

We expect the new construction opportunities in China and India to continue to increase, and will pursue them at a cautious deliberate pace. In the U.S., I believe that retrofitting projects will be a significant market, which is why we are actively engaged in pursuing high-profile retrofitting/energy efficiency projects for the future.

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