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Friday 02 Sep 2011

USGBC celebrates certification of 10,000th LEED commercial building

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) this week awarded its 10,000th LEED certification to a modest community centre in the Californian city of Santa Cruz. Designed by local practice Boone/Low Architects and Planners, the modest volume will provide a new platform from which the organisation can deliver guidance, information and referrals on childbirth and parenting, health education and services, youth and senior programmes, food distribution and other community needs.

Whist the LEED Platinum certification has given this particular project a real boost, the figure is also a serious milestone for the USGBC. Over the past twelve years, the Council has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of sustainable architecture, awarding a range of titles to buildings which reach its high standards of green design.

President, CEO and Founding Chair of the USGBC, Rick Fedrizzi affirms: “Business leaders around the globe are using LEED to design, build, maintain and operate their buildings. Ten thousand commercial certified buildings stand as a powerful example that a strong triple bottom line translates to real, tangible success.”

The timing of this substantial figure could not be more fitting, as the industry begins to return its focus to the effectiveness of architectural design rather than simple aesthetics and record-breaking statistics. A few weeks ago we ran an article on the effectiveness of commercial building design in the UK – or indeed the lack of it – and received an unprecedented response from WAN users bolstered by this renewed focus on the importance of quality design.

Fitting too that this milestone in the USGBC’s history has been awarded to an upright community project, as Peter Templeton, President of the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) explains: “It seems an appropriate reflection of USGBC’s mission of ‘green buildings for everyone within a generation’ that a LEED Platinum community centre providing support services to local families would earn this special distinction.

“LEED registered and certified projects now number more than 100,000 globally. This number underscores the confidence people have in LEED for saving water, energy, resources and money, and for delivering healthier and more comfortable buildings for the people who occupy them.”

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