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Monday 22 Aug 2011

A new discovery at the Olympic site hits the news...

Later that evening Sally watched the six oclock news in horror. It was dominated by a further discovery at the Olympic site. She recognised the location, the site of Rob's hospitality building, now strung with scene- of-crime tape. The interviewer was badgering a police spokeswoman to confirm the rumours about a message found on the body. Then a breaking news ticker appeared on the screen and her phones, mobile and house started ringing. Jesus what now? Sally reached for the Scotch but was interrupted by a knock at the door.


In another part of London, Rafiq watched the news with a sinking heart. "Reports are coming in that the much rumoured message implicated the building's architect, Rob Gilbert, known for his involvement with the Petrov and Chinagate affairs. His phone rang. "Husani" the screen declared. His brother in law, the heart surgeon, who had been married to his now dead sister, Jamila.

"Rafiq, it's Husani, are you ok?

A grunt.

"I assume you've seen the news?"

"Yes I have," his gravelly middle eastern voice deadpan, a default tone in moments of extreme tension.

"Do we need to meet?" The Egyptian heart surgeon straining for any intonations or subtle messages that might have been embedded in the minimalist answers.

"No," Husani thought he heard a sound of a cigarette lighter at the other end, "that won't be necessary," he knew that Rafiq would try to protect him. So far he had managed to stay on the edge of Rob Gilbert's ‘adventures' but he knew this time he was being drawn in, "leave it to me," the phone went dead. Husani looked at it, pondering on what he should do but his mind soon drifted back to the discovery as it had done relentlessly since the autopsy yesterday morning. As one of London's most eminent heart surgeons he didn't normally get involved in such things but as the body had clearly had massive heart surgery, he had been brought in as an expert witness.

He had gasped as they removed the sheet.

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