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Thursday 18 Aug 2011

New model for flexible play space by David Rockwell crosses the pond (in a cart)

One of America’s most revered architects, David Rockwell yesterday brought his tried and tested Imagination Playground scheme to London for the first time. Launched at Coram’s Fields - a designated public playspace for the city’s children and young people - Imagination Playground is an educational approach to physical play, where children are encouraged to design and build their own climbing frames using large bright blue shapes.

The original scheme is now up and running at a permanent venue in New York - Burling Slip - however the London equivalent will only be in place until 22nd August 2011. Despite this, Rockwell has donated a ‘Playground in a Cart’ set to the Coram’s Fields development so that London’s children can continue their playtime development.

This transportable kit includes a full set of the Imagination Playground blocks in a storage unit that fits easily through a standard door frame meaning the toys can be used either indoors or outdoors, and is lightweight, cost-effective and easy to install. Distributed by Play Direct, the set also comes in a Playground in a Box form.

Rockwell explains: “The driving force behind Imagination Playground has always been to provide a way to encourage kids to do what they do best: to be creative and to use their imaginations. Imagination Playground in a Cart will allow us to present this opportunity to the children of the world. The global expansion is so exciting, and I hope we can only continue to bring Imagination Playground to more and more corners of the world.”

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