Have you seen this floating island?

sam mansour
Tuesday 02 Aug 2011

A huge floating island installation has been cut loose by vandals and lost into the atmosphere..

'Is Land' was and still is a 9M floating island sculpture made to hover above the Cambridgeshire countryside at this year's British music festival ;Secret Garden Party. It danced in limbo being tossed by the wind or suspended silently and was one of the core installations of the 2011 art-orientated festival.

Is Land was about to make its final pilgrimage to Burning Man festival where it would float again in the Nevada desert, US before it was cut down in its prime. Witnesses saw a small group in a dingy, cut all five tether ropes holding the helium structure allowing it to float away.

The daring £12,000, six month project by Royal College of Art 2011 graduate Sarah Cockings and product designer Laurence Symonds simply floated off into the atmosphere, leaving them completely deflated.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority, local airports as well as chartered air spaces were informed, and attempts have been made to calculate the wind speed and direction around Cambridgeshire at the time of its release however due to Is land's release valves, the helium will have been slowly expelled over a long period of time, as opposed to rising quickly and rupturing, meaning the island could have reached great heights.

It could have landed anywhere from Moscow to the Atlantic, coming down in the Nevada desert would be a bonus however studies indicate it has made a beeline for the Czech Republic.

But what goes up must come down, so the hunt is on. If what looks like a floating chunk of earth turns up in your back garden, or if you think you see a new planet float by your window on your next flight please contact us here at WAN or visit Is land's website below.

Is Land is made of durable polyurethane with foliage décor and so, if found, can be repaired and go on to make its maiden voyage to the USA.

A huge team of people contributed to its realisation. It took 6months of maths, physics and creative DIY to get the huge structure aloft amd now with all of the knowledge and experience gained, the same team are willing to take on the remake and see it float again state side. 

If you would like to contribute to the re-making of Is Land, or think you may have spotted the floating installation please visit www.is-land.co.uk


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