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Friday 22 Jul 2011

Townshend completes landscape scheme linking the City to the Thames Walkway

Townshend Landscape Architect’s design for Angel Lane became reality when the slender public space stretching down to the River Thames from Upper Thames Street, between London and Cannon Street Bridges, was completed. Working with the Corporation of London, Fletcher Priest Architects, David Walker Architects and JMP Engineers, the practice has developed a seamless, tranquil design stretching down and connecting to the river walkway.

Situated on the north side of the Thames, the design team chose to tie in with the theme used in their adjacent One Angel Lane design, to mimic the ebbing tide with a rhythmic series of striated planting beds running parallel to the river. The former street has been transformed into a green corridor with tilting stone planters and timber and stone benches that allow users to take a short rest whilst using the Thames River Walk.

A raised lawn has been designed adjacent to the main river walkway, where people can sit and enjoy the sunny aspect. The planting subtly integrates bands of perennial flowering plants, set amongst enduring evergreen hedge species, to delight and surprise the visitor at different times throughout the year. Above this tapestry the light-reflective building of One Angel Lane, is brought down to human scale by high canopied Birch trees, casting a dappled shade over judiciously placed seating areas, and the soft lower canopies of multi-stemmed Amelanchier lamarkii and Cornus kousa ‘Chinensis’ provide a sense of privacy.

Landscape architect Rachel Arnold sums up the scheme: “The grass area and tilting benches are very successful judging by how people use them. It makes our constant effort to maintain the design standards so worthwhile. We are very pleased, Angel Lane has a wonderful, tranquil feel about it. The overall effect is like a ribbon of oases running through the urban landscape”.

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