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Henry Olga
Tuesday 19 Jul 2011

Abandoned quarry in Hyderabad to be reintroduced into local urban realm

The concept of restoring abandoned quarry spaces can only be understood by considering their origin, the green benchmarks that they once were. The design of this quarry site in Hyderabad is an inspiring sense of place, the contours speak for the life on the edge and the standing boulders give the sense of balance and strength; hence making an abandoned quarry site, in itself a place to create a community which can feel the dimensions of life.

A gradual improvement from an abandoned land to a land holding an urban mass would show its adaptability to surroundings when presently it is just left to perish in time. SMA studio has helped in its healing process and re-integration with the city. The quarry is designed to engage in urban activity and help the community to reflect back on how humans have turned it into a dynamic manmade landscape trying to quarry granite stone, in the process losing a lot of trees, vegetation and poisoning the ground water resource.

"The biggest challenge in the entire design process was to heal the quarry of its pollution and top soil reclamation through natural sustainable methods" says Architect Sanksshep Mahendra. The community believes this plan will help bring to life the site and its surroundings. The quarry has been named a special ecological zone it is hoped that this will help get a lot of visitors to the site and boost the local economy. One local resident says: "The design represents our views for the site I am sure it will take us forward."

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