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Monday 18 Jul 2011

ADPI designs new international airport terminal dedicated to the sea in Maldives

On arriving in Maldives, the horizon reveals their incredible aesthetics; sky and sea are separated, yet unified, into a perfect, infinite horizontal line. Millions of tourists come to Maldives looking for this simplicity; a dream picture of paradise.

Contemplating this exceptional framework, ADPI has designed The New Maldives Airport Facilities taking into account crucial aspects for an international airport: identity, sustainability, economic growth, efficiency, operational excellence, customer service, expandability, security and safety.

The architects' global approach matches perfectly the natural landscape and culture, with the fulfillment of the airport's essential needs composed mainly through constraints; operational, safety and security. The new airport will form part of a unique line in the horizon ended by two points on the extension of this line, underlining its presence.

The architects describe the design as: "like a ship; it should be like a sail filled by the wind forces." Roof perforations reflect the atolls' pattern seen from above, like an archipelago. The roof's inner face will be covered by bamboo laths, reminiscent of the vegetal fiber used on the roof of many regional constructions. This strong image communicates a promising Maldivian future; contemporary architecture fitted into a familiar picture.

To make sure it becomes a benchmark in sustainability, the new Malé International Airport will bear LEED Silver Certification and present various approaches aiming to reduce its environmental impact. Site integration, water management, energy management, material and indoor environmental quality are the main areas featuring sustainable design solutions. One example is a SeaWater Air Conditioning (SWAC) system that will take advantage of available deep cold seawater to replace energy-intensive central refrigeration systems that cool chilled water.

The design also focused on the easy maintainability of the installations and on the efficiency of access. The apron's Taxiways / Runways and Terminal Building has been designed following a global strategy: to reduce environmental impact by the usage and optimum layout available on the site limits. By the efficiency of the apron's new layout, phasing and approach, Maldives Airport will reach its maximum capacity while optimising all the levels of services, without reaching the coral reef.

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