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Friday 15 Jul 2011

High quality, cost-effective wood that is environmentally-friendly and sustainable

"The Naust på Aure project was inspired by traditional building techniques and materials... Kebony seemed to be the natural choice - a modern interpretation of the weathered materials of the many boathouses one can find along the coast of Norway" TYIN tegnestue Arkitekter AS.

"It looks great in combination with other building materials like glass, concrete and stone. Kebony also ages beautifully, and in a more subtle way than other impregnated woods. It keeps the colour very nicely when used indoors, and has really worked well in a major project like Kragerø Spa & Resort" Lund Hagem Architects.

Kebony is at the forefront of timber trade innovation, forging a new market for high quality, durable and cost-effective wood that is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. This new wood material is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications including: cladding, decking, roofing, marine and boat decking, flooring and furniture. It is non toxic, easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, resistant to decay and cost-effective due to good durability and long lifespan in harsh climates.

Kebony uses a patented ‘Kebonization' process that makes sustainable wood more durable, harder and dimensionally stable using liquids from bio waste; produced without harmful substances, such as toxic metal usually contained in preservative treated wood, Kebony is designed to last and can be used instead of environmentally damaging materials.

Kebony has comparable and often superior attributes to tropical hardwood without the drawbacks associated with traditional impregnation methods. Kebony processes raw materials to exact dimensions required, reducing sawdust wastage.

Kebony has undergone rigourous testing in accredited laboratories and universities across several countries. Results have assessed durability, maintenance, installation and safety. Kebony is also FSC-certified and supported by environmental organizations such as The Rain Forest Foundation. Awards won include the Nordic region's eco-label, the Swan and the Glass Bear for sustainable consumption and production.

Kebony was named as one of the world's most promising clean technology companies in the 2010 Global Cleantech 100 and environmental studies demonstrate that Kebony SYP has less than 10% of the co2 emissions than you would find on for example clear fell Braixzililan Ipe.

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