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Thursday 07 Jul 2011

WAN tenders team seeks out exciting competition opportunities for WAN users

Two exciting competitions have recently been published by the WAN Tender alerts team as part of their growing efforts to present to you the best opportunities, daily to your desktops.

An international competition to design Taiwan's most visionary tower.

Taiwan Tower is to be located at the southern tip of Taichung Gateway Park, which is part of the former Taichung (Shuinan) Airport site, Taichung city. It will become a vista at the southern end of a major boulevard. Measuring approximately one hectare, the site is situated across from the Taichung Gateway City to the north.

The project will comprise of Taiwan Tower and the Museum of Taichung City Development.

Though not aiming to compete in height with other towers of the world, in principle the observatory of Taiwan Tower should provide visitors with a view of the Taiwan Strait. The height is planned to be at least 300 meters in principle.

1. The site context and local architectural character should be integrated with 21st-Century building technology to symbolize the new Taiwan spirit.
2. Taiwan Tower should also answer its call for environment responsibility and adopt the use of alternative energy.
In implementing the energy conservation and carbon reduction, Taiwan Tower will act as a model of green building for the 21st century.

Total Construction Budget:
About NT$ 6,588,000,000. (About US$ 220,000,000) Subject to the approved budget by city council.

Service Fees:
The service fee for this project is a fixed fee in the total amount of NT$ 842,000,000. (About US$ 28,000,000) Subject to the approved budget by city council.

Qualifications for Participation: (for Stage One)

1. Any licensed architect of Taiwan (R.O.C.), alone or in joint tender.
2. Any licensed architect (or Firm / Corporation) of foreign country, alone or in joint tender.
3. Joint tender of licensed architects of Taiwan (R.O.C.) and licensed architects (or Firms / Corporations) of foreign countries.
For more information, please visit our website or refer to tender notice.

Stage One Material Submission Deadline 2011/08/29
Stage One Jury Session 2011/09/01 ~ 2011/09/02
Announcement of Shortlist Tenderers 2011/09/02
Stage Two Material Submission Deadline 2011/11/09
Stage Two Jury Session 2011/11/10 ~ 2011/11/11
Announcement of Winning Tenderers 2011/11/11

For more information, please visit:

Host Organization: Taichung City Government, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

This is a NEW competition.
The "Taiwan Tower Conceptual Design International Competition" has completed on 2010/11/05.
And it is a "Conceptual Design" only. It is NOT a procurement project.
Taiwan city government are holding the "Taiwan Tower International Competition" procurement project right now.
( This is the project will be built this time)

The tenderer shall participate in the competition in accordance with NEW tender documents.

(Please notice that the qualification of this competition is different from the Conceptual Design competition.
Please check the new tender document before participation)
The tenderer is advised to follow the winning projects of "Conceptual Design",but to introduce a new proposal in accordance with your design concept.
(Please DO NOT copy or make reference to the winning projects for your proposal)



Conceptual Design International Competition

The objectives of this competition are to build a world-class museum of art in response to a call for proposal through a conceptual design international competition, creative and visionary schemes are sought in order to give the New Taipei City Museum of Art a fresh look and versatile art exhibition space.

Design teams from all over the world are invited to challenge their imagination, pursue new possibilities for modern art museums and help New Taipei City create an artistic icon for the future.

The planning and design guidelines in this design brief are for reference only. The designer must propose the new positioning for the new possibilities for modern art museums, define the exhibition method, and propose new space requirement, then proceed the planning and design based on the new required spaces and design guidelines.Taiwan Tower International Competition.


For more information regarding both of these projects please contact Barry Cheng on TEL: 886-4-2326-1799 FAX: 886-4-2326-5212 or visit

For further information on how to receive more leads like this and many more please contact the WAN Tender alerts team or call on 44 (0)20 7332 0050


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