Under the sea....

Monday 04 Jul 2011

Studio MK27 design a museum which gently slides into and under the water of South Beach

Transforming natural contours is a human necessity, turning the cities and your own world into extensions of the seas. However, the manner of stirring the water and the coastal land demands a delicate touch. The monumentality of the buildings always seems insignificant before the force of the seas. Thus, architectural masterpieces run the risk of becoming banal landscape interferences, dust lining the horizon.

A human construction which rises significantly above the sea level at the selected site for the Pier Museum can be one of these landscape interferences, awakening public discussion regarding the impact that its presence causes in the city. The interruption of the horizon along the shores of South Beach could sound less like a poetic mark that dialogues with its surroundings and more like a noisy landscape.

Thus, for this project, the choice was an invisible pier that has no desire to compete with the immensity of the sea. It is in the ‘absence’ that the Pier Museum becomes a landmark and its aesthetic character emerges from its non-existence. The project proposes the museum as an architectural anti-object and the imaginary of its space is spread by the sea.

The water that once separated immigrants from their destiny now opens to integrate peoples, building a space above the sea that recuperates collective memories. The sand of the beach splits in a ramp that leads the visitors to the museum’s interior and invokes the poetic image of a tunnel connecting to neighboring countries, separated by the sea.

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United States

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