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Friday 01 Jul 2011

Bobrick's design meets barrier-free requirements with unique, innovative new features

Public restroom accessibility guidelines for disabled persons vary and therefore a keen understanding of the requirements of local and regional building codes is required when it comes to designing related appliances. Basically barrier-free standards specify the operation of dispensing controls as follows: less than five pounds of force, with no tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist.


Bobrick's unique push-button design meets barrier-free requirements as well as universal design parameters, because prior to the introduction of Bobrick's new evolutionary vendors, levers and twist knobs were utilized for the operation of these accessories, with none fully complying with generally-accepted barrier-free requirements. Therefore, the new Bobrick vendors represent the state-of-the-art in the development of this equipment.


Bobrick's new vendors are design-integrated with the Company's three major accessory Series: classic for budget-oriented buildings, TrimLine for a flush architectural style, and Contura for upscale class A properties. All Series are constructed of #4 satin-finish stainless steel to match the finish of other restroom accessories for a consistent, unified appearance. Recessed, semi-recessed and surface-mounted installation formats are available. And, the unique full-width delivery tray provides easy access to the dispensed product.


A jam-resistant mechanism is also featured as follows: single coin slots as opposed to side-by-side coin slots, incorrect coin denominations return to the product tray, by-passing the mechanism, push-button coin return is also offered, and a 'red flag' barrier blocks coin slots when the vendor is out of product, also alerting the custodian to replenish inventory. Capacities are 30 tampons and 20 napkins. A separately-keyed coin box is also provided for management access.


Lastly, Bobrick's new vendors are fabricated of 50-70% recycled stainless steel, which contributes to sustainability and 'green' environmental concerns. Also, the vendors are mechanical, requiring no batteries or electrical power. For more information, please visit the website.

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