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Tuesday 28 Jun 2011

Bands of glass encourage solar infiltration at commercial offices in Noida, Delhi

This commercial office complex by India Glycols in Delhi has been designed by Morphogenesis Architecture Studio as a direct response to the corporate ideology of the business. Working from on the premise that ‘the workplace should manifest itself as a more flexible and integral part of an employee’s life rather than a separate entity of specified hours of confinement’, Morphogenesis has ensured that the boundaries between internal and external spaces are hazy.

Courtyards, verandahs and terraces decorate a central space, providing corners for quiet contemplation, social gatherings and informal meetings. A common activity zone is provided in the form of a central spine which spans this central area and brings together employees from different departments on equal ground.

From an external perspective the structure appears rather enclosed, with horizontal slit windows only enabling small shafts of natural sunlight to penetrate the internal volume. Externally, neutral hues are sliced through with opaque bands of deep red whereas from the central courtyard immense sheets of glass encourage generous volumes of sunlight to illuminate the work areas.

Energy consciousness plays a key role in this project, with the courtyards specifically engineered to increase natural light levels on the floor plates, keep solar ingress out and control the temperatures of a multitude of spaces within the building. A number of green roofs have been installed to enhance thermal insulation, whilst water bodies aid in the evaporative cooling process.

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